Geri Salinitri

Teacher candidates put secondary science students through their paces

Science Olympiad serves several purposes, organizer Paul Preney said Friday as teams from local high schools took part in the event.

“The competitors have fun, learn about teamwork and solve problems,” said Preney, a doctoral candidate in computer science and three-time UWIndsor grad (BSc 1996, MSc 2000, BEd 2006). “Plus they get to see a university campus and meet some of our students.”

CLEW team launches help wiki

The CLEW wiki is designed to help instructors and students navigate the UWindsor learning management system, says learning technologies educational consultant Lorie Stolarchuk.

“Over the last few years, CLEW uptake has increased across campus. We developed the wiki to respond to the stream of questions we receive regularly from instructors and students using the system. Since the wiki went live two weeks ago, students have accessed the ‘Getting Started’ page more than 7000 times.”