Hira Abdul Ghani

Luncheon fêtes 2013 graduates of Outstanding Scholars program

The Outstanding Scholars program made Nathalie Hinchey an offer she couldn’t refuse.

The Hamilton native had considered studying at another university, but the combination of financial incentives and the chance to engage in research was too good to pass up. The mathematics students was part of this year’s class of graduating Outstanding Scholars honoured with a luncheon reception Wednesday.

Campus welcomes return of residence students

When she arrived at the University of Windsor three years ago to begin her post-secondary career, she was grateful for assistance in getting settled, recalls chemistry student Samantha Scalia.

“It was really hectic,” she said. “I was so glad to have so many people helping new students.”

That’s why she decided to get involved as a volunteer with Windsor Welcome Week. Scalia was one of dozens of students who pitched in to help about new arrivals haul their belongings into residence Sunday.