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Antonio Pascual-Leone, director of the Psychological Services and Research Centre.Antonio Pascual-Leone, director of the Psychological Services and Research Centre.

Clinic trains top-ranking psychologists—and turns a profit

You may pass the House on Sunset on your route to and from campus, and never know about the intensive training of future therapists that’s taking place there.

“We’re quite a good training centre,” says director Antonio Pascual-Leone. “Our main mandate is to train clinicians, or future psychologists, and we are actually one of the best in North America.”

anne forrestAnne Forrest will appear today on Research Matters on CJAM to discuss the Bystander Initiative, a project which aims to reduce sexual assault on university campuses. May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month.

UWindsor leads fight against sex assault with Bystander Initiative

Canadian universities trying to deter rape culture and reduce the number of sexual assaults on their campuses should take a close look at how the University of Windsor is addressing the problem, according to a researcher leading an innovative prevention program here.

Steven PalmerSteven Palmer will discuss his research on the Metropolitan School of Nursing when he appears on CJAM at 4:30 p.m. today.

Dogged by scandal, school left positive mark on nursing profession

It was unfairly dragged into a local sex scandal back in its day, but a demonstration school established in Windsor during the middle of the last century broke new ground and became a model for nursing education in Canada, according to a university historian.

Zbigniew Pasek and Marzieh MehrjooZbigniew Pasek and Marzieh Mehrjoo look at some clothing articles from Zara. The researchers studied how much product variety "fast fashion" manufacturers can introduce into their lineup before it becomes a losing proposition for them.

'Fast fashion' product variation studied by engineering researchers

Researchers have developed a model that will help people figure out how much product variability it can introduce before it becomes a losing proposition.

Julie SandoVisual arts instructor Julie Sando is shown here in the Leddy Library holding a copy of "Least Wanted" by Mark Michaelson. A collection of of various mug shots, it plays a central role in the film.

Documentary explores fascination with mug shot photos

When people get arrested and step in front of that camera for their mug shots, they may be at one of the lowest, most vulnerable points of their lives. So what is it about those images that make some people want to collect them, and perhaps even think about them as art objects?

That’s one of the central questions posed by a new documentary that a University of Windsor art instructor helped create.

Max NelsonProfessor Max Nelson has mapped out the brewing traditions of ancient Europe based on the various ingredients and additives that were used to make beer.

Researcher traces history of brewing beer in ancient Europe

More sophisticated beer enthusiasts may already know their favourite beverage was being made in places like Egypt and Mesopotamia as far back as 5,000 years ago. They may also incorrectly assume it was eventually brought from there to Europe as civilizations spread out and evolved, according to Max Nelson.