Salsabel Almanssori

woman holding stack of paperworkHyper-productivity may be a response to trauma in women academics, a team of UWindsor researchers say. The team, comprised of Lindsey Jaber, Kimberly Hillier, and Salsabel Almanssori, is launching a study into the topic and are looking for participants.

Women academics sought for study on trauma and hyper-productivity

A research team hopes to interview academics who identify as women for a study on how trauma may manifest as hyper-productivity.
Kimberly Hillier helps her daughter log on to classes.Kimberly Hillier, a teacher with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board and instructor in the Faculty of Education, helps her daughter log on to classes in the morning before beginning her day of teaching online.

Windsor teachers share experience of juggling work life, academic life and parenthood in pandemic

Salsabel Almanssori and Kimberly Hillier have written about how COVID-19 has affected the balance of their roles of mother, academic, and educator.