Susan Mark

New signage to highlight campus improvements

Bearing the message “Here We Grow—another UWindsor improvement is underway,” new signs installed across campus will alert passersby to construction works, says Susan Mark, executive director of Facility Services.

“We have a number of projects on the go, from the temporary parking lot on the former Cody Hall site to the redesign of the Student Centre Courtyard,” Mark says. “We wanted a way to alert the University community that while the loss of access may pose a temporary inconvenience, it will soon result in tangible benefits for us all.”

Closed windows help to maintain cool indoor temperatures: Facility Services

Facility Services has issued a friendly reminder to occupants of campus buildings to keep office windows closed while air conditioning systems are in operation.

“The windows need to remain closed for us to maintain comfortable inside temperatures,” says executive director Susan Mark. “I know it may seem like a small thing, but open windows allow warm outside air to flow into the building forcing the mechanical systems to operate longer, thus creating undue stress on the equipment and premature wear and tear.”

Work set to begin on Wyandotte streetscaping

A project to upgrade the streetscaping along Wyandotte from Sunset to Campbell avenues will have an impact on traffic patterns around campus, predicts Susan Mark, executive director of Facility Services.

The city project will include work to sewers, watermains, and vehicular and pedestrian pavements, beginning as early as this week at the intersection of Wyandotte and Sunset and extending eastward.

“Expect delays on Wyandotte and adjust your time to campus accordingly,” says Mark.

However, she adds, the result will more than make up for any temporary inconvenience.