Free barbecue brings together campus community

Saying she never passes up free food, third-year acting student Alejandra Simmons pulled her classmates to the Campus Community Barbecue, Tuesday in the quad between Dillon and Chrysler halls.

“I really appreciate the fact that there is a vegetarian option,” Simmons said as she sat on the lawn with her jumbo tofu hotdog. “It’s great—these fake meats are usually too expensive for me.”

Her friend Gracie Robbin said her lunch was “delicious”: a Mediterranean smoky sausage topped with mustard, sauerkraut, hot peppers and onions.

The event—sponsored by Special Events, Office of the President; the Alumni Association; and the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance, with support from Food & Catering Services—celebrates the start of the school year and features campus celebrities like student leaders, faculty and administrators serving free food to all comers.

Drama major Melissa Cadman said she enjoyed the entire vibe.

“The music is good, it's a nice day to be outside,” she said. “It's very summery. It doesn't even feel like school has started yet!”

Organizer Mary-Ann Rennie said the event was a big hit, going through 1700 all-beef sausages and 500 vegetarian soy sausages, as well as thousands of bags of potato chips and bottles of water. She doesn’t take credit for the success, though: “You can't beat the weather.”

View a video of the event, produced by Peter Freele of the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Drama students

Acting students (clockwise from left) Melissa Cadman, Gracie Robbin, Mallory Morgan, Tristan Claxton, Evan Kennedy and Alejandra Simmons finish their lunches in the shade.

Jonathan Braniff

Vice-president University Advancement Jonathan Braniff hands out chips and water.

staff enjoy

Dean of Students Clayton Smith joins staffers Joanne Gibbs and Beth Oakley.

melaney Stanberry

Second-year engineering student Melaney Stanberry queues for her sausage.

Zach Koudys

Biochemistry major Zach Koudys sinks his teeth in a smoky. The verdict? "It's pretty good."

jada Macri and Samantha Kobylnik

Psychology seniors Jada Macri and Samantha Kobylnik lounge outside Dillon hall. 

three music students

Music students Jessica Ko, Victoria Turner and Monica Lamos take in the atmosphere.

Jamie Hush

Third-year computer science student Jamie Hush awaits his turn at one of the 1700 smokies consumed during Tuesday's free Campus Community Barbecue.