CLEW team launches help wiki

The CLEW wiki is designed to help instructors and students navigate the UWindsor learning management system, says learning technologies educational consultant Lorie Stolarchuk.

“Over the last few years, CLEW uptake has increased across campus. We developed the wiki to respond to the stream of questions we receive regularly from instructors and students using the system. Since the wiki went live two weeks ago, students have accessed the ‘Getting Started’ page more than 7000 times.”

Through collaboration with Brock University and the University of Florida, and with the support of the CLEW Team, UWindsor instructors who volunteered their input, and a student hired to work on the project, Stolarchuk created over 100 pages of help documentation. Users can add and change the content, review frequently asked questions, print instructional documentation, and link to other tools.

“A well-crafted wiki is an excellent way for a user to search and quickly find appropriate ‘how to’ results for CLEW tools and functions,” says Anne Dickinson , visiting fellow in educational development. “I provide faculty support for a similar learning management system at my home university in the UK, and I recommend the wiki to anyone who needs help with CLEW!”

To access the CLEW help wiki, visit Questions and comments are welcome at