Fast to benefit famine victims

Thirty hours without food cannot compare with the suffering of people in famine-stricken Somalia, says Candace Spencer, but it may help to relieve it.

The coordinator of the Womyn’s Centre is organizing the UWindsor 30-Hour Famine, part of a national effort to raise funds in relief of Somali refugees.

“I think everybody has seen what is happening in Somalia,” says the political science and women’s studies major. “We want to give them just a taste of how it is for these people day after day after day.”

She is recruiting volunteers to solicit pledges in exchange for fasting from noon Friday to 6 p.m. Saturday. So far, about 20 students have signed up.

“All of what we collect has been designated for food in the camps,” says Spencer. “We’re hoping to raise $1,000.”

To volunteer, to offer a sponsorship or to make a donation, contact her at