Writer in residence offers free public reading

Poet Alan Davies, the university’s new writer-in-residence, will offer a free public reading of his work this Wednesday.

A poet and essayist, Davies was born in Alberta but eventually made his way to Boston where he formed relations with a group of writers from across North America who would eventually become known as the Language Poets. His poetry and an essay on poetics were included in In the American Tree, a crucial anthology devoted to the group. His books include a an av es, Signage, Name, Active 24 Hours, Candor, Rave, "untitled", Sei Shonagon, Don't Know Alan: Notes on AD among many others.

Davies has lived for many years in New York City and will be living in Windsor the 2011 writer-in-residence. Besides continuing with their own work, the writer-in-residence is available as a critical resource for aspiring writers from both campus and the broader community.

The reading will be held on September 28 at 7 p.m. in the Katzman Lounge at Vanier Hall. There will be a cash bar and light finger foods.