International students still seeking holiday hosts

Just a couple of days before the Thanksgiving weekend, Enrique Chacon is starting to worry about finding enough volunteers for the Host for the Holidays program.

He is one of the organizers of the program, which matches international students with Windsor families willing open their homes to share Thanksgiving dinner with a visitor from overseas.

“So far we have space for about 24 students, but about 80 have registered,” says Chacon. “I am afraid I am going to have a lot of disappointed students who were looking forward to learning something about Canadian culture.”

He is putting out a call to members of the Windsor community, hoping to make up the shortfall in openings. In the past, both guests and hosts have expressed appreciation for the opportunity to share a meal with a new friend.

“Our previous hosts have all said it was a wonderful experience,” he says, pointing to a gallery of photographs that shows happy families welcoming their international guests.

View the gallery, and find the online application form, at