Computer programming teams headed to regional competition

Ten teams with a total of 28 students went head-to-head last week to determine who will represent Windsor in the regional competition of the Association for Computing Machinery’ International Collegiate Programming Contest, October 21 and 22.

The contestants had three hours to solve five programming problems, knowing that the top two teams will advance, with a third participating as a reserve. When the metaphorical dust settled, the top three finishers were:

  1. Chris Drouillard, Alex Velazques, Tsz Kin Ng
  2. Mirshad Ozuturk, Paul Meyer
  3. Scott Nguyen, Ian Elliott, Michael Binder

The University of Windsor will host the next stage of the competition, and for the second straight year is the only Canadian host site in the region. Learn more on the School of Computer Science Web site.