Bookstore offers savings Friday for faculty and staff

The University Bookstore couldn’t let the biggest shopping day of the year go uncelebrated, so it is offering a 10 percent discount for UWindsor faculty and staff Friday, November 25.

The 10 percent discount applies to all purchases, excluding course materials, textbooks and computers. It even will reduce further the giftware and games already on sale!

Plus, Friday marks the start of the Bookstore’s annual pre-holiday Sale Books Sale. All sale books and remainders are 50 percent off the already-low stickered prices from now until the Bookstore closes on December 22. And yes, tomorrow’s discount applies to sale books as well.

As always, the Bookstore has thousands of discounted books on offer, in categories ranging from fiction to history, from cooking and crafts to children's books for kids of all ages, says marketing manager Martin Deck.