Student publication spotlights literary creativity

Members of the English Undergraduate Student Association took a hands-on approach to producing their latest publication assembling and stitching the pages, gluing buttons on the cover, and trimming them in a mass effort to ready them for distribution.

“We had a blast,” said Liz Hawkley, English student and the association’s treasurer, “and created a mosaic of buttons.”

The resulting zine, titled Thank you for reading, features creative pieces including fiction writing, non-fiction writing, poetry, art, and photography. It’s part of Generation Magazine, which Katherine Quinsey, head of the English department, says is the oldest student journal in Canada.

“What strikes me is that Generation goes back so far, yet we’re on the forefront of new media,” she says. “It’s a terrific achievement on the part of our students and it takes them out into the wider world.”

The club’s president, Laryssa Brooks, a fourth-year student of English and creative writing, says she is glad to give contributors the exposure that they deserve.

“We have very talented creative writing contributors who have waited a long time to be published,” says Brooks. “I think they deserve recognition because it’s hard to get their names out there.”

You can pick up your own copy for $3—or two for $5—at the association’s booth on the first day of Clubs Week, January 23, in the CAW Student Centre Commons.

— article and photo by Jason Rankin