Students have varied plans for Study Week

UWindsor students will be busy during Study Week, whether or not they stay in town.

Communication studies major Brian Khan will be hard at work.

“I’m going to be home, editing video for most of the break,” he says.

And Greg Paziuk, a master’s student in English, is writing a paper on the importance of illustrations in early English literature for a conference presentation in March.

On the other hand, computer science student Dustin Garvey will be taking it easy.

“Yeah, I’m not going anywhere. I’m probably going to play some video games, hang with some friends, and just relax,” says Garvey.

Some students will hit the road, including members of the International Student Society taking a five-day trip to Montréal, exploring French Canadian culture.

And digital journalism student Dawn Trottier is going to see Harry Potter: “Well, I’m going to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.”

— Andrew Rorai