Student engineers win in February quiz

Sandeep Guntupalli, a master’s student in electrical and computer engineering, won yesterday’s DailyNews trivia quiz and the fabulous prize package pictured above.

One question tripped up most respondents – the 1900 Paris Olympics were the most recent Summer Games held during a non-leap year. Montreal hosted the event in 1976, a leap year. The Gregorian calendar now in use does not add a leap day to most end-of-century years, including 1900.

Guntupalli was one of just 12 respondents to answer that correctly, along with identifying the purification feast Februa as the source of the name February, Shakespeare as the source of the “February face” quotation, 1916 as the year the battle of Verdun was fought, and Louis St. Laurent as the only Canadian prime minister born in February.

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