Upper-class mentors making a difference for new students

Almost 200 advice gurus assisted more than 200 first-year students with their transition to university through the Educational Development Centre’s Connecting4Success mentorship program this year.

The program targets first generation students – the first in their families to attend university – and matches them with upper-year students in the same program or faculty for one-on-counselling focused on common first-year academic, social and personal challenges.

Challenges unique to first generation students may include lack of family support, low expectations when entering university, low confidence and limited financial resources, says Danielle Handsor, mentor pilot coordinator.

The program celebrated its success with a reception March 24 at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, where business major Michelle Faulds received the “Making a Difference” Award.  She was nominated by her mentee because she had demonstrated loyalty, dedication and commitment to her mentee and the goals of the Connecting4Success program.

For more information on Connecting4Success, visit the program’s Web site at www.uwindsor.ca/c4s or e-mail Handsor at danielle@uwindsor.ca. Recruitment of both incoming students and mentors for the 2012/13 year will begin in May.