Campus project to gather information for new asbestos-location software system

Updating the inventory records of where asbestos is located across campus will begin next week and continue over the next eight to 10 months, says project leader Dan Castellan.

Contractors from Pinchin Environmental will sample and analyze materials in every building – flooring, ceiling spaces, any place that may contain asbestos, Castellan says. He says the project follows the purchase of a new software system, which will keep track of asbestos locations in campus buildings.

“We currently do have an inventory and a manual in place, but both require updating to the new software,” he says.

Chrysler Hall is the first building scheduled for inspection, which will start next week and take three to four weeks. Facility Services will notify the occupants of each affected building as they are scheduled for inspection, but in most cases, individuals will notice very little activity, says Castellan.

“There will be contractors on site, sometimes accompanied by our staff and in rare instances, they will set up containment materials in some areas,” he says. “Proper precautions and controls will be in place in accordance with applicable legislation to eliminate any risk of exposure.  The health and safety of building occupants will be our top priority.”