Fundraising bake sale offers more than just sweets

A sale of baked goods Monday in the CAW Student Centre raised more than just funds; volunteers with the local chapter of Students Offering Support hope it will raise a few roofs.

The national network builds educational infrastructure in Latin America through its “Raising marks. Raising money. Raising roofs” initiative. Projects include building or expanding a school, or building latrines to increase the health of students to decrease absences.

Organizer Alyssa Pursel called bake sales “an easy way to make money” for the group.

“Everyone can pitch in their own ways,” she said. “Last year we raised about $1,400 in bake sales, about $750 being from the first one alone, so I'm really hoping we can make at least $500.”

In addition to holding bake sales, members raise funds through Exam-Aid, a tutoring program. Windsor’s chapter offers offer tutors in first- and second-year math, science and a few business courses.

“Students Offering Support is very much a 360-degree volunteer experience,” said Diana Cuckovic, an avid SOS volunteer. “You’re there to help raise the money, see where it’s going, and see the project come to completion. It’s really wonderful.”

For more information about SOS and how to volunteer, visit its Web site,

— article and photo by Meagan Anderi