Finance offices preparing for holiday break

The Finance department advises that its Procurement and Customs departments will close for the holiday season on December 21 and will re-open on January 2, 2013.

Accounts Payable will run payments (i.e. electronic fund transfers and cheques) for the final time of the year on Tuesday, December 18. Requestors must submit all invoices or cheque requisitions for payment by Friday, December 7, to meet this deadline. Any invoices or cheque requisitions received after this date may not be processed until after the holiday break. Please note that the first payment run after the holiday break will occur Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

Additionally, all purchase requisitions must be submitted to Purchasing by Wednesday, December 12, for processing prior to the holiday break. Any purchase requisitions submitted after this date may not be processed until the New Year.

The Customs department requires placement of all orders so that freight arrives at the warehouse either prior to Thursday, December 20, or after Wednesday, January 2, 2013 to ensure it does not sit at the warehouse during the holiday break. Please note that all perishable goods must be delivered to the warehouse by Wednesday, December 19, in order for them to reach campus before the holiday break.

The Customs department also reminds clients that it is not able to clear personal shipments. End users should have those shipments delivered directly to their residences and to have exporter make required notation (including personal contact information) on shipping documents.