Lancers step up to the plate to encourage healthy eating

What’s blue and gold and encourages UWindsor students to eat healthy during exams? Lancer varsity athletes!

When nutritionist Chris Wellington wanted to promote healthy diet choices on video screens at Food Services outlets across campus, she knew just where to turn.

“What sends a better message about eating right than images of our Lancers?” she asked. “They are the embodiment of the healthy balance we hope all our students will strive for.”

Student athletes representing every sport agreed to be the public faces of an educational campaign aimed at encouraging students to replace empty calories with wholesome foods. They posed in uniform with nutritious items from Food Services.

The resulting photos were coupled with Wellington’s messages—promoting proper portion sizes, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy dairy products—and posted to the video displays located right where students will make their purchase decisions.

Food Services department head Dave McEwen says it was great to team up with the Lancers in the effort to help his patrons make better choices at mealtime.

“A healthy diet is part of a healthy lifestyle and we want our students to be in the best possible shape to succeed in their exams,” he says. “I feel this is one of the best marketing pieces to come out of our department, and I really appreciate the work that Christine put into it and the contributions of our Lancer athletes and the public affairs office.”