Auction an opportunity to bid for time with local lawyers

The Pre-Law Students’ Society has an unusual attraction for its gala this Thursday, January 17: an auction that puts up time job shadowing a legal professional.

“Students will have an opportunity to learn about various professions in law directly from the experts,” says the society’s president Andrew Moukled, a second-year business student.

Winning bidders will earn the right to shadow a subject through the workday, and to share a meal at a local restaurant.

“This will give the auction winners some up-close experience and a chance to learn from established professionals,” Moukled says.

Even those who fall short in the bidding will have an opportunity to network. In addition to the auction objects, a number of other lawyers in various fields will attend Thursday’s event. The society’s executive vice-president, Samar Chouman, says she is looking forward to the chance to make connections.

“If you want to be established, you have to meet the right people,” she says. “You just have to get yourself out there.”

Available for the auctions are:

  • Maria Carroccia, criminal defense lawyer and a former president of the Criminal Lawyers Association of Canada
  • Jim Cooke, practises in the areas of civil, employment and commercial litigation and is a former UWindsor counsel
  • Emir Crowne, professor at Windsor Law
  • Lloyd Dean, a judge on the Ontario Court of Justice
  • Drew Dilkens, Windsor city councillor and a recent grad of Windsor Law, working at McTague Law Firm
  • Francine Herlehy, assistant dean of admissions at Windsor Law, she practised in the area of civil litigation for over 11 years
  • Susan Hoffman, Justice of the Peace
  • Kamila Podbielski, president of the Students’ Law Society, a third-year student at Windsor Law and a member of its admissions council

The black-tie event begins at 6 p.m. at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts and promises to open with a full dinner before the auction. Tickets are $40; $30 for members of the Pre-Law Students’ Society. Find more information on the event’s Facebook page.


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