Reception honours residence student achievements

It has been a challenge to maintain an A average in the first year of her nursing studies while representing Alumni Hall on the Windsor Inter-Residence Council, says Angela Li, but it has been worth it.

“Some of my most rewarding experiences thus far have resulted,” she said, as one of the students whose accomplishments were celebrated during a reception held last week by the residence services department.

“We provide a lot more than just a place to live,” said department head Diane Rawlings. “Living on campus is about creating new connections, building memories and it should be fun. What we do is very intentional. It’s about creating a ‘living lab’ outside of the classroom. It’s about learning life skills, helping you to explore your personal identity, and helping you to differentiate between positive and negative life choices.”

The reception recognized more than 100 residence students who earned a cumulative average of A- or higher last semester, calling them forward for congratulations from senior administrators as well as a certificate and a small gift.

Li said she was moved by the gesture: “It was an honour to have been invited to such a prestigious event.”

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