Posters showcase social work graduate student research

No university program in social work can cover everything a practitioner requires, says Toni Parker: “The field is too diverse—that’s why we need continuing education and professional development.”

Her placement with Community Partners for Applied Research and Consultation was the subject of her research proposal, one of dozens presented during “Bridging the Gap: The Voice of Social Work,” Friday in the CAW Student Centre.

The master’s candidate says the event was a great chance to learn and network.

“It is giving us the opportunity to see the other resources available and link them with our own areas,” Parker says.

That sharing of information was what Kendra Tulloch took from her experience with Children and Family Services in Niagara Falls.

“I really learned what it meant to work in a team environment and I learned how to access resources,” she says. “Working with child welfare, you get experience in many areas.”

It was the seventh year for the event, which showcases the research proposals of master’s students in the School of Social Work.