Manual provides safety information for campus labs

A new manual provides basic guidelines for safe research, teaching and learning in campus laboratories, says Sherri Menard, team leader of the Chemical Control Centre.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide a central resource like this,” she says. “It includes everything from precautions on specific equipment to WHMIS information.”

The centre, part of Health and Safety, has a responsibility to ensure the safety of researchers, whether faculty, staff or students, Menard says.

“The Chemical Control Centre is a resource to promote safety in labs across campus and we are here to help,” she says. “There are many standards and regulations that are applicable to labs and so our role is to provide assistance to ensure compliance.”

The 90-page manual is available for download from the centre’s website; a printed version will be sent to relevant departments and is available for purchase for $3.

Menard expects some labs may wish to develop more detailed lab-specific procedures and hopes authors will draw on the manual as a resource.