Survey reveals details of campus commuting

A survey of student, faculty and staff commuting habits revealed some interesting differences, says Paul Henshaw, the University’s environmental advocate.

About 1900 individuals responded to his online questionnaire, including 1450 students, more than 300 staff members and 150 faculty. Of those, students claimed that 60 percent of their trips to campus are by a sustainable mode of transportation—carpooling, walking, biking or busing—compared to just one-quarter of employee trips.

Fewer than 40 percent of student respondents report having a campus parking pass, whereas 74 percent of faculty and 84 percent of staff do. While students have higher rates of bus riding and carpooling, a higher percentage of faculty bike to campus than staff or students.

The survey will help researchers to measure the University’s overall environmental impact.

Read more in a brief report on the sustainability website.