Elizabeth McDermott holding polo shirtPsychologist Elizabeth McDermott won this week’s trivia contest and its prize of this beautiful $24.95 polo shirt, embroidered with the new UWindsor logo.

Enrolment adds up for contest winner

Elizabeth McDermott knows the score. A psychologist with the Student Counseling Centre, she won Tuesday’s DailyNews quiz and the prize of a polo shirt.

Dr. McDermott’s entry was drawn from those who correctly identified the greatest undergraduate enrolment in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; the largest master’s program as social work; and the largest doctoral program as psychology.

To help celebrate the University of Windsor’s 50th anniversary year, DailyNews will run a contest at the beginning of each week, offering a prize donated by the University Boookstore. Today’s prize, a cotton polo shirt embroidered with the new UWindsor logo, is available for purchase from the Bookstore’s kiosk in the CAW Student Centre for $24.95.

Celebrating 50 years