Reception to welcome mature and transfer students

The Educational Development Centre invites UWindsor faculty and staff to put on their friendliest faces today, as it hosts an event to welcome new students to campus.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Vanier Hall’s Winclare A will host sessions especially geared to mature students—those who enter university later than directly after graduating high school—and students transferring here from another post-secondary institution.

In addition to an introduction to campus services and technologies, the event will give attendees a chance to hear from students in similar circumstances about their experiences.

“We always hope that new students enjoy a welcoming first day on campus,” says Nadia Hachem, a student development specialist. “So, if you see someone who looks out of place today, maybe offer a smile and some directions.”

Today’s event will also include a session for students coming directly from high school. Learn more on the website,