Banner on Mac HallTo celebrate the University’s 50th anniversary, giant banners hang on the outside of campus buildings, like this image on Macdonald Hall residence.

Golden banners instilling UWindsor pride

When he first noticed the huge banner promoting the University’s 50th anniversary adorning the outside of the Leddy Library, Scott Webb had one thought: “I hope that hasn’t been there the whole time.”

The second-year math major said its appearance took him by surprise.

“It definitely drew my attention and made me aware that this is the golden anniversary year,” he said.

First-year psychology student Cristal Ashley wasn’t surprised at all as the banners went up. She had been alerted by the UWindsor Twitter feed of the development.

“I thought Oh cool, they’re decorating the school for the 50th anniversary,” she said, adding that her favourite is the long vertical banner facing the Ambassador Bridge from Mac Hall.

The banners, swathed in gold and bearing black and white images from the University’s history, will remain in place through the institution’s banner year.

Among the photographic subjects are 1993 nursing grad Mark Campbell on the Toldo Health Education Centre, 2005 law grad Thelson Desamour on the Ron W. Ianni Faculty of Law Building, and Lancers Colin McAuslan and Melissa Bishop on the Human Kinetics Building.

Sophia Honickman, a designer in the office of Public Affairs and Communications, said it was difficult to decide on the final photos.

“There were so many neat old-school pictures from every decade that it was hard to choose,” she said.

And working with such large images posed a different set of challenges.

“Setting up those files for final output really required a lot of measuring and re-measuring,” said Honickman.

Chief communications officer Holly Ward called the banners “a wonderful gesture to mark our anniversary.”

“They have been getting a great reaction from students who say they show pride, from alumni who appreciate the history, and from members of the public who can see them from city streets,” she said.

Ward added that the full cost of the materials and their installation was borne by the donations of sponsors.

50th Anniversary logo