Four grand challenges at the heart of recasting the Strategic Research Plan

The University will mobilize to address four grand challenges under an implementation report on the Strategic Research Plan approved by Senate at its meeting on November 8.

The four grand challenges are:

  • Healthy Great Lakes;
  • Viable, Healthy and Safe Communities;
  • Sustainable Industry; and
  • Understanding Borders

The University aspires to engage the whole campus community in multidisciplinary research to meet these grand challenges, says vice-president, research, Michael Siu.

“These grand challenges collectively help to identify the University of Windsor and differentiate it from other post-secondary educational institutions,” he says.

He lists the following as examples of projects and entities among recent research activities that will help to meet the four grand challenges:

  • Institute of Border Logistics and Security, and Cross Border Institute;
  • Community-University Partnership for Community Development, Research and Training;
  • Reciprocal Learning in Teacher Education and School Education between Canada and China;
  • Centre for High Efficiency Clean Diesel and Hybrid Powertrain Research; and
  • Great Lakes Water-Quality Science and Aquatic Invasive Species that have an international impact.

View the entire implementation report on the Strategic Research Plan.

Illustration demonstrating some of the many linkages between thematic areas and grand challenges. Click to enlarge.

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