Michael Siu, UWindsor vice-president, research and innovation.Michael Siu, UWindsor vice-president, research and innovation.

Move to facilitate collaboration in research and innovation

A move to the Innovation Centre, once it opens, will facilitate enhanced collaboration between the Office of Research and Innovation Services and the research community and clientele it serves, says Michael Siu.

A change in his job title—to vice-president, research and innovation—reflects the work his office already does to advance activities across the institution involving research, creative activity, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and liaisons with external partners.

The new location places the office in the middle of the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation, the Odette School of Business, the planned Welcome Centre, and the parking structure at Sunset Avenue south of Wyandotte Street.

“We will be right on the ground floor, a lot closer to the partners, especially those in the Innovation Centre above us and engineering’s Industrial Courtyard across the street,” says Dr. Siu. “The move will make working with our partners and collaborators a lot easier.”

The Research Finance department will join the relocation, allowing the units to continue to provide one-stop service to faculty and their research partners, Siu says. Besides positioning these offices in a high-profile location at the heart of the University’s innovation hub, the move will also free up space in Chrysler Hall Tower for enhanced student services.

The physical relocation of offices and staff is slated for early fall; the renaming to incorporate “innovation” takes effect immediately.