Presentations to highlight accessibility awareness day

With a theme of “Discovering your Accessible Community in the 21st Century,” the University’s second annual Accessibility Awareness Day will feature spoken and poster presentations in the CAW Student Centre on Thursday, March 20.

Speakers include:

  • Social work professor Debra Hernandez Jozefowicz on “The Origin of the Disability Studies Program at the University of Windsor”
  • David Ryan Soderlund of Student Disability Services on “Accommodating Students at the Post-Secondary Level”
  • Kinesiology professor Sean Horton with graduate students Phillip McKeen, Kate Paquin and Kelly Carr on “Exercise Interventions for Persons with Disabilities”
  • Architect Dory Azar on “Accessible Design and Barrier-Free Design”

Admission to the event is free and includes a box lunch for the first 100 registrants. Find more information, including a full itinerary and online registration on the event website.