Fourth-year nursing student Jelena Lastro.Fourth-year nursing student Jelena Lastro won recognition for her patient care during a placement at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Nursing student earns spot on hospital honour roll

Being a good nurse requires more than technical knowledge, says Jelena Lastro—a little humanity can go a long way toward ensuring a successful outcome.

“I find that if you are personable and show that you care, the patients respond to that,” says the fourth-year nursing student. “If you take the time to listen, they will talk to you. The more they tell you, the more you know how to help them to get better.”

Her caring personality earned Lastro recognition during her clinical placement in the medical surgical unit at Windsor Regional Hospital, seeing her name appear on the honour roll of the hospital’s “Above and Beyond” program.

Lastro says her preceptorship helped bring together the classroom learning and real-world applications.

“There is a lot of theory to study beforehand, and everything came together being in the hospital,” she says. “You’re dealing with people, not with inanimate objects.”

The patient who nominated her for the award wrote that Lastro demonstrated skills and professionalism in their interactions, calling her capable, extremely thorough and very gentle.

“She had a very positive and bubbly attitude that made my day,” the nominator wrote. “I hope she is able to be employed at (Windsor Regional Hospital) when she finishes school.”

Now nearing graduation and preparing for her entry-to-practice examinations, Lastro says she appreciates the vote of confidence.

“It’s a good feeling to have been so honoured,” she says, adding that she hopes to find employment close to Windsor, her home of 15 years.

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