50th anniversary banner hanging in CAW Student CentreBanners like this one promoting the University’s 50th anniversary year have come down across campus.

Time to clean up after 50th anniversary celebrations

The year-long celebrations of the University’s 50th anniversary were wonderful for students, employees and alumni, and now that they are over, it’s time to  remove the 50th Anniversary graphics from campus, says chief communications officer Holly Ward.

“We had enthusiastic participation from the entire campus community, and now we must begin the next 50 years of our history,” she said.

The public affairs office has already begun the clean-up, removing large banners from the exterior of campus buildings and storing portable banners used at events. Ward noted that individuals have electronic signatures, stationery and other elements incorporating messaging from the 50th anniversary.

“This is a reminder to the campus to identify places where 50th graphics are lingering in your areas and replace them with the standard UWindsor logo,” she said. “The graphics on the doors of the elevators in Chrysler Hall Tower will stay; they’re much too attractive to remove.”

Please contact Jennifer Ammoscato in the office of Public Affairs and Communications, 519-253-3000, ext. 3242, for any assistance.