artwork of women in factoryThe 2014 Distinguished Visitors in Women’s Studies program explores the theme of women’s work.

Alumnae panel to discuss feminism at work

Graduates of the women’s studies program will discuss the rewards and challenges of being a feminist in the workplace, at noon on Friday, October 24, at Iona College.

Members of the “Take your Feminism to Work” panel include Lori Kennedy, Daria Milenkovic, Sapphire Miller-Wood and Diala Zaidan.

This free event is intended for alumni and current students of women’s studies. It is part of the 2014 Distinguished Visitors in Women’s Studies program, which continues through November 7.

The centrepiece is the community keynote address by Shari Graydon and Julie Lalonde, “The Work of Feminist Activism,” scheduled for Wednesday, October 29, at the WFCU Centre. A free shuttle service will bring students to and from the event from Vanier Circle.

Find details on this and all events in the “Women’s Lives, What’s Working?” series on the program website.