Adam Savage and Jamie HynemanEleven DailyNews readers have won tickets to see Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman in “Mythbusters: Behind the Myths” at the WFCU Centre on November 27.

Contest winner excited to meet “quirky” idols

Turns out the MythBusters aren’t just popular on television. A contest in Monday’s DailyNews attracted dozens of entries for a chance to win tickets to see the science entertainment show live on stage November 27 at the WFCU Centre.

Unfortunately, there were only a fixed number of prizes available.

Grand prize winner Alysha Baker says she has been watching the Discovery Channel program since she was eight years old. In addition to tickets to the show, she will have a chance to meet with stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

“I absolutely love watching Adam and Jamie perform science experiments with their team on TV,” she says. “They have inspired me to pursue my dreams of attending University in my field of study which is Communication, Media and Film minoring in Environmental Science.”

Other winners included Gauri Ahluwalia, Enrique Chacon, Don Clarke, Susan Dennison, Kimberly Devine, Kaitlynn Fraser, Lara Hanna, Julianne Lacroix, Keara Stanisalawczyk and Peter Voyer.

Their names were drawn from all entries which correctly responded that the MythBusters found that food picked up within five seconds after dropping to the floor is note safe to eat; you can get your tongue stuck by touching it to a metal pole in freezing weather; and dirty cars are not more fuel efficient.

Students, employees and alumni are eligible for a special discount of $10 per ticket to see the show “Mythbusters: Behind the Myths.” To qualify for the discount, order tickets at and use the promocode: MYTHUWIN.