Wintersong to recount experiences of music therapy students

Senior students of music therapy will share their placement experiences in a free public presentation Thursday, November 27, at 6 p.m. in Katzman Lounge, Vanier Hall.

Music Therapy Wintersong will feature presentations by:

  • Cordon Purcell, “Find Your Roar,” on her practicum at St. James Catholic Elementary School with a focus on building self-esteem and functional English;
  • Deidre Koloszar, “A Bridge,” on her practicum at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital’s Tayfour Campus, working to establish therapeutic relationships allowing clients to engage in personal growth;
  • Emily Naccarato, “Music Therapy Outcomes for Clients with Traumatic Brain Injury,” working at various facilities serving clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries;
  • Annabelle Brault, “Joining Forces,” working with older adults receiving palliative and complex continuing care in hospital.

Music therapy is the use of music as a tool to help social, cognitive, physical and emotional health. Learn more during Thursday’s event.