Strategic Priority Fund calls for proposals to enhance student experience

Applications for the 2015-16 Strategic Priority Fund are due Friday, January 30.

The Strategic Priority Fund supports the strategic allocation of resources and provides dedicated funding to support the delivery of the University’s Strategic Plan. This year, it is dedicating its funding efforts to projects that enhance the student experience at the University.

The fund has already supported a number of programs at the University that are involved with improving curriculum, enhancing student experience, promoting research, and building a basis for future developments in curriculum and all aspects of university operations.

Typical types of initiatives which enhance the student experience include (but are not limited to):

  • Experiential and co-curricular learning programs
  • First-year and transitional program interventions
  • Programs and services for targeted populations
  • Pedagogical, curricular, and program- or classroom-based interventions
  • Skill enhancement programs
  • Programs intended to enhance the supportiveness of the campus environment

For submission criteria and general submission guidelines, visit

— Jordan Worsell-Collins