Artist Alex McKay discusses his work with student Michelle Rovere.Artist Alex McKay discusses his work with student Michelle Rovere.

Aboriginal Education Centre plays host to communal art project

Dozens of people turned out February 14 for an art event co-hosted by the Aboriginal Education Centre—and a chance to get creative themselves.

Artist Alex McKay and UWindsor photographer Tory James brought their 12-foot sculpture Treaty Canoe to St. Paul’s United Church. The project is constructed like a birch bark canoe, but made up of paper covered with handwritten text.

“The paper treaties were re-written by non-Aboriginals to signify that they are ‘Treaty People Too’,” says Danielle Handsor, aboriginal outreach coordinator. “Every individual who attended the event enjoyed some Indian tacos and had the opportunity to make their very own treaty canoe.”

The projects’ next stage is the creation of Voyageur, a seaworthy craft which will be paddled sea-to-sea by volunteers, in relay like an Olympic Torch.

McKay and James will conduct a public transcription event Saturday, February 28, at the Art Gallery of Windsor in conjunction with the display of Treaty Canoe as part of the “Border Cultures” exhibition. The event runs 1 to 2 p.m. The gallery is located at 400 Riverside Drive West.