Residence assistants Kayla Bacon and Christine Scott Residence assistants Kayla Bacon and Christine Scott invite students to ask why they are sober during St. Patrick’s Day programming in Alumni Hall.

Residence Services staff promotes responsible revelry on St. Patrick’s Day

Residence Life staff encouraged students to explore alternatives to drinking Tuesday during the annual #CloverSober campaign coinciding with Str. Patrick’s Day.

“We partnered with the substance education co-ordinator Molly Harper and her student nurses, who went around campus all evening handing out bottles of water with safe drinking tips on them and taxi cards so students could get home safely,” says Sandra Davis, team leader for Residence Life. “They had also done a campus-wide promotion with tips placed on every car in student parking lots.”

Each residence hall hosted high-energy activities, says Davis, including buffets offering green snacks, Irish dancing competitions, and even a clover-themed Jeopardy game.

“The aim is to promote safe drinking practices,” she says. “Our staff is dedicated to making sure students can have fun in a healthy, safe environment.”