Jeff Olivera pouring mustardFirst-year criminology student Jeff Olivera adds mustard to his sausage during Wednesday’s Campus Community Barbecue.

Campus community enjoys start-of-semester celebration

As a German, Frederik Ehlen is something of an expert on sausage. So you can believe him when he says Wednesday’s Campus Community Barbecue passed muster.

“This is a great idea,” the MHK student said as he enjoyed a sausage, potato chips and drink with friends on a bench in the Sunset corridor. “It’s great to be welcoming everybody with free food.”

Hundreds of students, faculty and staff turned out for the annual tradition, hosted by the Office of the President with support from the Alumni Association, Food and Catering Services, and the Office of Student Affairs. For the first time, the new pedestrian walkway replacing Sunset Avenue was the setting.

“The reviews from the students have been awesome,” said organizer Mary-Ann Rennie. “They love the space, with so much room to hang out.”

Kyle Slade and a group of his second-year classmates were on their way off-campus for lunch when the music and delicious smells drew them to the barbecue: “This is better,” he said. “Free is always better!”

The event was one of many scheduled for UWindsor Welcome Week. Today’s highlight is Adrenaline Rush, the inflatable carnival in front of Dillon Hall from 1 to 4 p.m. Find a full schedule of the week’s activities at

Jaydee Tarpeh and Patti Weir
Celebrity servers UWSA president Jaydee Tarpeh and dean of graduate studies Patti Weir pass out some sausages to eager students. Find more images on the UWindsor Facebook page.