Joel St. Pierre, Thanh Tran, Kevin Dontas and Sanna MahmoodTeacher candidates Joel St. Pierre, Thanh Tran, Kevin Dontas and Sanna Mahmood brandish the pins they received initiating them into the profession.

Pinning ceremony inducts teacher candidates into profession

The two-year commitment to an education program will benefit Ontarians, says a teacher candidate in the first cohort since the province lengthened the requirement from one year.

Thanh Tran says the longer training period will mean more dedicated professionals in the classroom.

“It’s actually better to certify the teachers more,” she says. “Everyone has had a bad teacher, someone who didn’t want to be there. I think people have to be more committed to sign up for two additional years of school.”

Tran was one of hundreds of education students admitted into the profession Friday. Following presentations by the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and the various teachers’ unions, candidates received pins in a formal ceremony of initiation.

“It’s a good boost of morale heading into the program,” Tran says. “It shows the faith they put in us.”

Kate Redel, in the final year of her concurrent studies in education, early childhood education, drama and history, agrees.

“The ceremony was really empowering and got me inspired to go into the teaching profession,” she says. “It inspired all of us to be hopeful and to showcase our talents.”

Alan Wright, acting dean of education, says students entering the two-year B.Ed program show an unprecedented commitment to their teacher preparation.

“The pinning is a suitable display of our recognition to those who have chosen this professional path at our University,” he says. “It is fitting for us to return their enthusiasm for the road ahead.”

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