Nam Kang, Sara Alhasan, Prashant PrandipStudents Nam Kang, Sara Alhasan and Prashant Prandip retrieve and analyze data from their cogenerating engine fuelled with natural gas.

Cogenerating engine project wins conference appearance for UWindsor engineering students

A team of UWindsor engineering students presented its project—a cogenerating engine with the potential to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings—to a conference in Florida last week.

The project received a $4,900 grant from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, which paid the group’s way to present at its gathering in Orlando.

The students’ lab-scale model burns natural gas to produce electrical or mechanical power; the excess heat is used to heat air and water. Read the full story, “Reducing the environmental footprint of buildings.”

Watch a video the team presented to the ASHRAE conference:

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