stack of booksThe social group Leddy Library Reading Challenge will hold its first meeting September 13.

Initial meeting to crack open reading challenge

A group hoping to create a social space for critical thinking and literature review will hold its first meeting today—Tuesday, September 13—in the Leddy Library.

While the main objective is to create a greater sense of community on campus, says organizer Jennie Fallis, a co-op librarian, the Fall 2016 Leddy Library Reading Challenge will also provide an incentive for readers, in the form of prizes, events and activities.

“Each month will have a specific theme and we’ll list one or two books directly related to the challenge,” she says. “Participants can earn points by reading and attending meetings.”

The inaugural meeting, open to students, faculty and staff, is set for 3 p.m. in the comfortable seating area on the first floor of the Leddy’s west building. Find more information, including the meeting schedule and list of suggested titles, on the group’s website.