Essex Hall bearing large sign with slogan PromiseA UWindsor kinesiology student won a hoodie for his answer to the question “What does Promise mean to you?”

Definition of promise earns UWindsor sweatshirt for contest winner

Students come to the University of Windsor with a promise, says fourth-year kinesiology major Bryan Dutot: “I am going to challenge myself to more schooling to further my career.”

And, he adds, the University gives students the tools to realize that promise. That answer won Dutot a hooded sweatshirt in October’s question of the month contest sponsored by provost Douglas Kneale, asking students, faculty, and staff “What does Promise mean to you?”

Dr. Kneale praised Dutot for making the most of his time at the University, “representing the University nationally at the Kinesiology Games, working with the Detroit Pistons sales staff, studying on exchange in Germany, and working for student government. I’m inspired by all the work our faculty and staff put into helping students fulfil their potential.”

Psychology student Sophie Rutter, a self-described “bright-eyed enthusiast” for Windsor and the University, earned an honourable mention for her exploration of promise as a “bonding of potential and action” which enables all of us to “take the chance to write our own collective narrative, and to jump in head first.” You can read their entries, and other student input, on the contest website.

The contest continues with November’s question: “What new, innovative, experiential or work-integrated learning types of programs would you like to see developed here at the University of Windsor? Or to put that another way, what programs do you wish UWindsor had had when you were applying to come here?”

In the next few months, the University will be negotiating its next Strategic Mandate Agreement with the province, outlining what its strengths and priorities are, and where it is headed over the next three to four years, Kneale notes. One part of that process is proposing new academic programs.

“The province is particularly interested in innovative programs with experiential or work-integrated learning opportunities that can help students develop employment-related skills,” he says. “We are looking for input from the campus community on developing signature programs that strongly reflect our vision, our context, and our people.”

To enter the contest and a chance to win a UWindsor hoodie, e-mail a response to by November 30.