Elisa Mitton, Alexandra Jean, Margherita BeaudoinSports information co-ordinator Elisa Mitton congratulates student staffers Alexandra Jean and Margherita Beaudoin, Lancer home events employees of the year.

Student staff recognized for contributions to athletics and recreation

Working on the student staff of athletics and recreation services is more than just a job, says Alexandra Jean — it’s an experience.

“It’s fun and it’s hard,” says the fourth-year disability studies major. “You make a lot of connections and lasting relationships.”

Jean and Margherita Beaudoin, a fourth-year liberal arts student, were honoured as Lancer home events employees of the year Friday at the Blue and Gold luncheon, which recognizes the contributions of student staff to the operations of the department.

The two, friends since grade school, staffed the ticket sales booth for Lancer competitions.

“This job develops your customer service and crisis management skills,” Beaudoin says. “You have to handle all sorts of different people.”

The department serves about 7,000 students in its varsity, recreational, instructional and fitness programs, and employs about 300 students.

“We couldn’t operate without them,” said athletic director Mike Havey. “We are so lucky to have such an excellent group.”

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