Kim Calderwood, Margaret Nelson, Sarge Gerbode, Marian VolkmanKim Calderwood (second from left) with Applied Metapsychology officials: vice-president Margaret Nelson, founder Sarge Gerbode, and president Marian Volkman.

Workshop to benefit trauma counsellors

A four-day workshop at the UWindsor School of Social Work in May will benefit anyone who works with clients with self-defined trauma or life upset.

The Traumatic Incident Reduction approach helps counsellors address the challenge of not having sufficient time to address client issues in depth, says professor Kim Calderwood, who will facilitate the training.

“The outcome for clients is that in a relatively brief period of time they resolve their concerns and symptoms, rather than simply learning to cope with symptoms, as is common in many other popular ways of addressing trauma and life stressors,” Dr. Calderwood says.

Workshop participants will practice real-life sessions in a safe, confidential office space in the school’s downtown campus at 167 Ferry Street. Calderwood notes the sessions, May 5 to 8, require no pre-requisite training or education: “It’s open to anyone who simply has a personal interest in the topic.”

Registration offers an early-bird discount until April 5. Find details on the social work website.