Colloquium to consider interpretation of literature and philosophy

Students of a graduate seminar on “Literature, Philosophy, Interpretation” will discuss their work in a colloquium Thursday, March 30, in Alumni Hall’s McPherson Lounge.

The seminar, led by professors Jeff Noonan of philosophy and Stephen Pender of English, treats the history of hermeneutics through the lens of philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer’s 1960 book Truth and Method, and the colloquium promises papers on Rilke and ethics, Plato and pedagogy.

“This colloquium promises to be lively, indeed,” says Dr. Pender. “Our top-notch students explore the history of interpretation from antiquity to the present.”

“Defences of the Probable: Gadamer and Hermeneutics” runs 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Find a full program here. It is open to the campus community; please register your intention to attend by e-mailing Pender at