Brainstorming session to consider cancer research projects

A collaborative session slated for April 7 will provide an opportunity for researchers, clinicians and community members to brainstorm on cancer research projects.

It is the latest in a series of “Think Tanks” hosted by the Windsor Cancer Research Group to identify collaborative teams who could work together and bring projects forward for funding, says biology professor Lisa Porter, the group’s scientific director.

“It is about enhancing collaborations, building teams through networking, and stimulating ideas with the goal of submitting grant proposals that will result in real research,” she says.

Dr. Porter says one unexpected partnering resulted in two professors collaborating on a cross-disciplinary study. Psychology professor Josée Jarry and kinesiology professor Cheri McGowan received a $70,000 Seeds4Hope grant from the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation to test how survivors of breast cancer will respond — physically and psychologically — to Ashtanga yoga.

“Dr. Jarry and Dr. McGowan met at a Think Tank and both were previously hesitant about having anything to contribute, but these are relatable sessions open to anyone: students, researchers, clinicians, community members,” Porter says. “We don’t just want to connect the usual suspects because you never know what creative spark will get the next unique funding opportunity off the ground.”

The April 7 event runs 1 to 3 p.m. in EPIC Innovation, on the second floor of the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre. Find more information on the group's website. Register by April 3 by e-mailing co-ordinator Karen Metcalfe at

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