Canada 150 T-shirtContest winner Nina Korac will receive a Canada 150 T-shirt from the Campus Bookstore.

Contest winner demonstrates knowledge of Canadian content

Nina Korac, special projects co-ordinator in the Office of the Vice Provost, International Development, won Monday’s DailyNews quiz contest and the prize of a Canada 150 T-shirt.

Korac’s entry was drawn from all those which correctly identified:

  1. one-half as the proportion of Canadian flag made up of its central white field;
  2. 1975 as the year the beaver was officially named a symbol of Canadian sovereignty;
  3. “thy sons” as the lyrics of O Canada threatened by Bill C-210;
  4. lacrosse as Canada’s national summer sport;
  5. the generic maple as the country’s official tree;
  6. the Maple Leaf Tartan as an official national symbol since 2011; and
  7. the gray jay as Canadian Geographic’s recommendation for national bird of Canada.

She will receive the Canadian-designed shirt, made by the Dubwear Clothing Co. and available for purchase from the Campus Bookstore for $10.95.