keys and fobs on UWindsor keychains

Paperless system to streamline processing of campus keys and access cards

An electronic system of Key Control has eliminated paperwork for users requesting keys, fobs or cards to access areas of campus, says Rajeev Chawla, maintenance manager in Facility Services.

“We have set up an online order system,” he says. “We expect it will simplify the process for users, whether they need to request keys or return them.”

Departments across campus must authorize persons to issue keys and access cards; all requests will require approval by the departmental designate.

In addition to retaining a digital record of requests and orders, the system provides a significant benefit to those users — students, visiting scholars or sessional instructors — required to pay a deposit.

“They will be able to pay the deposit at Key Control when they collect their keys,” Chawla says. “Under the old system, they had to pay at the Cashier’s Office before walking down to Key Control — often standing in line at both ends.”

He invites staff and faculty to watch for further communication as the system takes effect.